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To be among the leading ship-manning in the country based in Cebu City, creating and developing a competent, qualified, properly certificated and highly-skilled seafarer to its valued principal.


Our Company is committed to:

  • Provide all appropriate resources needed to ensure that the Principals' requirements are complied with;
  • Maintaining organization managers and personnel with appropriate education, extensive experience and tarining and requiring all the managers and personnel to enhance their awareness of the Quality Management System to ensure that the quality system functions effectively.
  • Promote activities for improvement of quality by endhancing effectiveness and efficiency to the benefits of both the Organization and Principals.

Quality Policy

Cebu Ace-Maritime International, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) has practiced a policy to provide with competent and qualified seafarers. Hereinafter, the Organization shall adopt ISO 9001:2008 standard and quality management system and shall establish and implement a quality management system whose elements are in conformity with all the statutory and regulatory requirements.

We shall strive to continually improve our Quality Management System to achieve the objectives for quality and maintain the confidence of our Principals.